Terra Verte and the Earth Tone Sunset

Today’s watercolor experiment: I have always wanted to pay more attention to the Terre Verte pigment. Thus far I have found it to be…. um… to put it kindly…. anemic. No matter how much Terre Verte I put on my brush, it seemed to disappear as soon as I applied it to the paper.  Today would […]

Close Shave

Today’s watercolor experiment: I don’t know when the idea occurred to me. It was some time after I started using the rough-surfaced watercolor block. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a surface that was both rough and smooth in places?” I probably thought of this while I was shaving. I use an old fashioned […]

Abstract with Triangles

Today’s watercolor experiment: I don’t have intermediate stages of today’s study to show you (as I presented in yesterday’s study). To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed by my process and by the resulting overall muddiness. Process: I can’t very well regale you with my successful studies and omit the ones that are […]