Stone Treads

I remember tripping on pavement squares that have been raised by tree roots expanding underneath them. Some time later the offending edges were spray painted bright red; shortly thereafter the edges were ground smooth with each other. No more tripping hazard. Below is an intersection between several sidewalk sections. Something about the arrangement must have […]

Curb with Swatches

Is it coincidental that this curb was located just outside a paint store?  I was on break from my job, looking for interesting ‘found art’. I wonder if a paint store employee was on break once upon a time, and took orange and yellow and painted them at the edge of the sidewalk. Did this […]

The Meadows’ Dog Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: There are at least two layers of interest in my vertically-formated photographs, especially my street snapshots. On many occasions I have taken a series of shots of the same subject in horizontal and vertical orientations to get a better sense of the scene.  David Hockney had an issue with the lack of […]

St. Mark’s Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment:  As unbelievable as it seems, sometimes my photographs are sub par. I know! Hard to believe. However even though the reference photograph for today’s watercolor is a bit hard to read, it inspired an interesting watercolor. I reversed the order of my images in today’s post, beginning with the reference photograph. It is a […]