Rust on Vermilion

While my Blue Streak was drying, I painted another streak, this time it was vermilion. Again, I painted a white wash before I applied the color; again, the overlying coat of color went on very smoothly. I overpainted the vermilion red form with a coarse wash of red iron oxide. The transparent nature of this […]

Screen View

I have recovered from my disastrous screen printing experiment of the other day. Today’s watercolor experiment: Recap: Here is a recap, to bring those of you who do not know of the above, less-than-successful (ok, totally unsuccessful) attempt  to make a watercolor of the fig tree in our back yard, as seen through the screen in […]

Physics and Chemistry

I continue to strive to explore ways to express my ideas in visual form.  My original idea was to express my feelings or emotional state, visually, but I have only been close to that point one or two times. Ideas, however, are easier. Thoughts leading up to today’s experiment: I was up early today. At […]

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