Paul Klee, the famous Bauhaus Master stated that the duty of an artist is not to reproduce the visible but to “make visible”. I’ve always had the ambition to paint or draw the way I am feeling. I admire Klee’s work, so I hope this is what he had in mind.

Today I was feeling tangled. There are a lot of forces at play in caring for a sick person. This is the case in our family at the moment. Ordinarily, one would trust the medical establishment, but it seems that have nothing more to offer in our case, and have told us to “seek alternative treatments”.  There are some documented protocols, one of which we are trying.

It is a time for mixed emotions.

I began with a jangled free-form pencil drawing. I used a compass to draw arcs broken up by the hand-drawn lines. I used a straight edge to insert a grid, also camouflaged by lines.

Watercolor: Abstract - Tangle of Curves

Curves Interrupted
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Block

That the grid is not easily recognized reflects my erratic state of mind.

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