Cracked Space

This is a followup from yesterday’s attempt to portray the space I felt, and still feel today when I see the trees back east during the time of late fall and the onset of winter, when there are no leaves. I encountered this space when I used to visit Michael, my older autistic brother. I […]

Backyard Spaces

Once again, I started today with a pen and ink scribble of the back yard again. Several comments about my back yard forays: First of all, I do not feel obligated any more to reproduce the appearance of every leaf on every tree. I credit this to Paul Klee and his description of drawing as […]


I’ve been trying too hard. During the past few weeks I’ve been trying to puzzle through the creative works and teachings of Paul Klee and Hans Hofmann. I was hoping (and to some degree, expecting) to apply their principles to my own artistic expression. Klee‘s basic premise, from my readings of his Notebooks, is that the […]


I am intrigued by the work of Hans Hofmann, whose abstract expressionist work portrays depth in the picture plane through what he calls ‘push pull’. “Only from the varied counter play of push and pull, and from its variation in intensities, will plastic creation result. … Push is answered by pull, and pull by push.” […]

Another Push Pull Attempt

More push pulling “Carving space with colors.” This sentence stuck in my mind more than any other today, after searching the net for more information about the teachings of Hans Hofmann. Carving space with colors – such an interesting concept. One can almost see the possibilities if one is familiar with the fact that cool colors such […]

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