Can’t Pay Attention

Sometimes I have trouble focusing on the book I am reading. The image below is my solution for the problem of picturing lack of concentration. The portrait is more or less conventional. I’m not sure I got the eye rolling quite right, but they certainly are not focused on the book. I wonder if there […]

Thinking or Sleeping

This woman is in a state of mind different than yesterday’s subject. Today’s lady is looking inward, absorbed in her thoughts or meditating.  The woman from my previous sketch seems to be focused on the middle distance, wondering about affairs outside herself, even though we don’t see her eyes.


Paul Klee, the famous Bauhaus Master stated that the duty of an artist is not to reproduce the visible but to “make visible”. I’ve always had the ambition to paint or draw the way I am feeling. I admire Klee’s work, so I hope this is what he had in mind. Today I was feeling tangled. […]