Yellow and Red

I began with planes of blues and iron oxide red, with an earth tone swirld thrown in for good measure. I didn’t like the way these rectangles lay on the paper. I over painted them, beginning with the blues, and dripped drops of the iron oxide as they were still wet. I painted over the […]

Bruised Circle

I began with a  pale blue egg shape in the center of the page. I did this because I wanted this portion of my circle to look far away. Pale blue appears to be associated with distant background (i.e., in landscapes, blue recedes into the distance). Hans Hofmann formulated his push/pull theory, positing that adjacent colors have […]

Color Patterns

I was playing with foreground/background in this little study. Typically, artists use visual cues to enhance the feeling of depth in a landscape. For example, an artist would paint the blue of the sky fainter (or less saturated) as he or she approached the horizon; s/he would paint a mountain in the distance with a bluish cast. On the […]

Creative Process

Today’s experiment: I had an idea in mind as I started today’s watercolor: Yin and Yang. My plan was to wet the entire paper, lay in a blue wash shaped like a comma (similar to the orange shapes of yesterday’s study) and somehow add an orange comma adjacent to  the blue one. Since orange and blue […]

Physics and Chemistry

I continue to strive to explore ways to express my ideas in visual form.  My original idea was to express my feelings or emotional state, visually, but I have only been close to that point one or two times. Ideas, however, are easier. Thoughts leading up to today’s experiment: I was up early today. At […]