Physics and Chemistry

I continue to strive to explore ways to express my ideas in visual form.  My original idea was to express my feelings or emotional state, visually, but I have only been close to that point one or two times. Ideas, however, are easier.

Thoughts leading up to today’s experiment:

I was up early today. At 7 AM, it was already 65 degrees (F) outside, so I went out on the porch to read a bit. I noticed the wood planks. Horizontal lines.

I have been toying with the idea of drawing horizontal parallel lines with narrow spacing at the top of the paper, gradually widening the spaces between the lines toward the bottom.  This graduation of spacing could indicate a plane receding into the distance, especially if an artist superimposes two lines, angled toward each other and meeting at the top line (the horizon), like an inverted ‘V’.

On the other hand, Hans Hofmann‘s ‘push and pull’ theory states in part (as I understand it), cool colors (blue and green, for example) appear to recede while warmer colors (i.e., red and yellow) appear to come forward in space.

Today’s experiment:

In preparation for further study of Hofmann’s theory, I thought it might be interesting to place a set of lines that appear to recede side-by-side with colors that appear to recede into the distance.

Watercolor and Pen & Ink Sketch - lines and watercolor

Physics and Chemistry
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

Strictly speaking, my sketch is not a side-by-side comparison of modes of visual expression (pen and ink versus watercolor media) of the same concept: depiction of space from closeness to distance.  I did get a little carried away with my pen and ink drawing.

An equally valid name for this sketch is ‘Analog and Digital’, since the same concept is depicted in black and white (the ‘one’ and ‘zero’ of the visual world) and in color.

What about ‘making visible’?

Paul Klee’s famous statement that ‘art is not about representing the visible, but rather making visible,’ still represents my holy grail, so to speak. I still want to be able to make what is inside me visible. However, perhaps studying the work and teaching of Hans Hofmann would arm me with more arrows in my visual quiver.

I hope to be learning more about Hofmann in the next few days.

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