Interactive Rorschach Test

It dawned on me today. My creative process over the past few days amounts to the equivalent of an interactive Rorshach Test. Yesterday, I started out by painting swirls of metallic and iridescent paints and after spending time with them, added to them. The end result was a coherent portrait of sensory input to a human […]

Fishing and Gardening

Periodic reality check From time to time, I need to pause and reflect about my posts to see that they are still related to my original mission: to blog about autism and related topics from a sibling’s point of view.  When I first began my blog in 2013, I spent the first eleven months or so […]

To Scale

Joy cooked up the salmon I reeled in during my (almost) ill fated day of fishing. I felt really crummy the whole time in the boat because of the ocean swells, even though I took three dramamine tablets. But it was worth it. There is nothing like the taste of freshly caught salmon, especially the way Joy prepares […]

Blue Diamonds

I had a nice sleep last night. No more of the UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN of the ocean from my fishing jaunt. When I went to pick up my fillets from my cousin, he hadn’t started cutting up the fish I pulled in. So, nice guy that he is, he filleted it […]

Fishing Again

I got up at 3:15 AM to go fishing, today. I took a dramamine before bedtime, hoping that it would give me a good start on not being sea sick. I had planned to take another before we went out. I’ll have to talk with my sister-in-law about what was in them besides the dramamine […]

Fat Fish

Right now, I’m probably out fishing. I prepare my posts the day before and schedule them to appear at midnight of the next day. So to get in the spirit, I thought I’d take my ‘point out for a walk’ to ‘make visible’ a photograph I took when I went fishing the last time. For […]

Still Life – Not Fruit

I went fishing today, at the beach. I always enjoy the drive over to Santa Cruz, although I didn’t enjoy the prospect of fishing in the misty rain that was falling as we left. I had planned to wear my shorts and wade into the surf anyway, but I was only willing to get that […]

Another Fish Story… I mean Study

Thoughts about abstraction Yesterday I painted a study of hands that were doing a specific job: taking a fish and preparing it to be eaten. I’ve been thinking of how I would go about abstracting the image of these working hands. Working from my image, I could try to convey some of the following ideas: preparing […]

Gone Fishing – Again

I really enjoy going fishing with my cousin and my brother-in-law. Today was another such outing. I didn’t have as much luck as I had last time, but it was fun anyway. Although my time thinking about hand gestures was limited, I decided to use the opportunity to photograph hands at work for my gesture […]