Scale and Hands

Here is another composition in the Joan Miró mode.  I have been building a library of icons throughout the years and have been experimenting with ways of arranging them. I prepared the watercolor paper with random washes of pale yellows and blues.  On the lower third of the paper I placed a cone with a […]

Taking Pills

Usually, taking pills is no big deal. However, it does take on special significance under certain conditions. For example, doctors have determined that treatment of certain diseases require a cocktail of pills to be given with precise timing. Less drastic, but other very important schedules of pill administrations include antibiotics. When a doctor decides that […]

Forward Progress

I love the crumple series, and will continue painting them for the next several weeks. Today I explore in more detail the technique of scratching the paper before painting. Since I can’t see the lines I make with my sharp implements, I liken this approach to the automatic writing of the Surrealists (Slashes and Painting). In […]

Slashes and Painting

I tried something new today, related to the automatic writing of the Surrealists, I noted in a previous post (Automatism in Crumpled Paper). My thesis was that paper has a predisposition to being crumpled one way or another in cooperation with its human crumpler; this, I posited, was not in disagreement with automatism defined by the Surrealist […]

Automatism in Crumpled Paper

Does paper have an unconsciousness? When one randomly crumples paper, it is a partnership between the paper and the crumpler. The paper has its internal stresses and imperfections and the person who crumples the paper has his or her idiosyncrasies of strength and muscle balance in the hands. The result is a shared unconsciousness, an automatism. […]

The Squeeze

I was in the studio the other morning. I was trying to think like Joan Miró, which is ridiculous because I have no I idea how or what he thought. He grew up in a rural area and farm life was very important to him. My background is not even close.  So I embarked on […]

Dream Images, Edited

I dream in vivid images. They are very detailed when I am dreaming them, less so after I awake. Last night’s dream was a situation. I had died, which was a bit uncomfortable, but alive in another body, still my own. I felt very alive, but aware that one day I would have to go […]

Three Views

What is a portrait? A short definition given me by my computer: A painting, drawing, engraving or photograph of a person; a representation or impression of someone in language or film.  Fair enough, as far as it goes. A photograph is not only a representation of the person photographed, but a representation of  the relationship […]

Imaginary Mountains

It’s a new year and I want to get back to basics in addition to moving forward.  I am re-opening some of the books about color. I just get so excited about consolidating my knowledge that I have a hard time concentrating on reading. But I know that true progress relies on knowledge as well […]