Back Yard Sketch, Colored

I added watercolor to this pencil sketch. I’m working toward changing the emphasis of my sketching from the past year’s meditation on waiting. I would like to fill my next sketch book with colorful pen and ink and pencil drawings. To this end, I am looking for a better sketch book. Water applied to the […]

Landscape Sketch, With and Without Water

Nice walk to the lake today. Half hour to the lake, half hour to sketch and half hour back. That was the plan.  I brought different pencils with me: a very soft 8B, a soft 4B, another soft 2B and a harder HB. After 30 minutes sitting on a bench, I finished the sketch you […]

Japanese Garden

There were so many trees, each of them different: different kinds of leaves, different tones, different shadings. The sketch below is a meditation. I could have worked on it all day. The overcast lighting would not have changed the shadowing that much. I have a photograph of this scene, so I can get back to […]

Nespoli and Neighbors

The nespoli (loquat) fruit tree in the back yard is loaded. There will be a lot of food for the birds, since most of the nespoli are beyond reach. I did a blind drawing (peeking a little bit) of the skyline formed by the fig, nespoli and pine trees. I filled in the fruits where […]

Abstract 100317

I had no plan for this composition, except perhaps, to see the interaction of the pigments. There is a suggestion of pages of a book stacked upon each other, or bowed, one end attached to the spine, the other free. This might be creative bleed-through from my painting posted the other day. Another quick glance […]


Sometimes visual elements align themselves and just beg to be preserved. This happened today while I was on break. The nearly-empty parking lot caught my eye. The top of the building reminded me of the sprocket holes on the edge of a roll of film. For those of you not familiar with film, it used […]

Color Patterns

I was playing with foreground/background in this little study. Typically, artists use visual cues to enhance the feeling of depth in a landscape. For example, an artist would paint the blue of the sky fainter (or less saturated) as he or she approached the horizon; s/he would paint a mountain in the distance with a bluish cast. On the […]


Today’s drive was longer than expected. and much wetter. I composed the following ‘abbreviated’ landscape prior to the trip (see Abbreviated Landscape). In my haste while slopping the quinacridone nickel on the bottom part of the paper, I dripped just a drop of it in the wet cobalt blue sky. It was at that moment […]

Abbreviated Landscape

I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to paint today. We’re going down south tomorrow and I had a full day. Knowing this, before I started my chores, I sat down and thought about the essence of the landscapes I have been painting.  I’m not sure if all landscapes fit this formula, but mine […]