Sky and Birds

A couple of birds were on a wire outside my window this morning. My freeform began with a wire-like line that divided the paper, and curvy lines to for the sky. I filled in the curves with almost every kind of blue in my paint box. The black lower portion of the composition is interrupted […]

Abstract – Cloud Inspired

Instead of trying to recreate the infinitely fine variations of water mist against the sky (also known as ‘clouds’), today’s watercolor is an abstract inspired by clouds. The cobalt blue I used today seems much more sky-like than the French ultramarine of yesterday’s experiment. Although the color isn’t exactly like the photo, my abstract gives the impression of […]

Wispy Cloud Practice

I’m always taking pictures of clouds. I would love to be able to create on the paper, what I see in the sky. There are plenty of books and tutorials on painting cloudscapes, but so far I haven’t seen one that explains how to paint a specific one. The cloud in the photo below is […]


I always find something interesting when I look at the sky. I’m not sure if the white cloudy-looking lines are clouds or contrails of jet planes. Whatever they are, they created a partition for the moon. I see a partially-completed tic-tac-toe board with the moon filling in the upper right square.  I’m sure there are […]

The Sky’s the Limit

Today’s watercolor experiment: Over the past couple of days I have been trying to introduce some drama to my watercolors, (Sketching Problems, When You Fall Off a Horse, Values) inasmuch as one can dramatize the vista of a parking lot. Dramatic elements were present in the photographs, as clouds.  How? The ever-so-gradual shift in tone from dark […]