Watercolor Sketches: Bar in Lower Manhattan, Church Street (1991)

I’ve been practicing my sketching. I choose an interesting photo from my archives, make places for 8 sketches on 14×20″ watercolor block and start to sketch. I find something new with attempt, even though it looks boring. I also experiment with coloration. I used water soluble inks with a wash on a couple of cells, […]

Sketch Book Series: Back Yard (September 2011)

When I lived in San Jose, I would often practice sketching on the back porch. Many of my sketches were of the same subject. I used different techniques to figure out which gave me the result that I wanted.

Sketch Book Series: Sepia Cross Hatch (June 2010)

It looks like I didn’t like this pen. The lines came out really wide. I like the look, but it must have been a bit difficult to work with. It is a matter of scale, I think. A nib like the one used below would be good for large format sketches.

Sketch Book Series: Faces (December 2011)

I don’t remember the point of this practice exercise. It couldn’t have been faces exclusively since two are hidden. Maybe it was a combination face practice and composition design. I was getting better at facial proportions in this sketch.

Sketch Book Series: Parking Lot (April 2010)

Sometimes the planned goals of my sketch are not achieved. Below, I got too caught up in drawing the cars, that I could not render the sky, which was my original intention.

Man Sketching at Japanese Garden

Having not had any face time today, I resorted to copying a photograph. The photo was taken during a visit to the Japanese garden a couple of weeks ago. An enlargement did not show much facial detail, so I used this sketch to practice shading technique. I used different pencils with hardness ranging from HB […]

Dinner Time

I’m spending more time at work these days. Getting some sketching practice in. The plastic sandwich bag is on top of the paper lunch bag. It was hard to get the bright highlights that distinguish the shiny plastic from the matte paper.