My Concept of Cloud Formation

I planned to reverse the process of finding faces in clouds by creating faces and hiding them in my painted clouds. It’s harder than it seems. There are a couple of half-formed faces in this abstract, and plenty of half-formed clouds. It seems there is a cut-away, a cross section of a dark cloud that […]

Watercolor Clouds from Photograph

Today I used a reference photograph from which to model my watercolor clouds. I also used watercolor paint straight from the tube; yesterday’s watercolor was made from paint left over from previous sessions. I used Neutral Tint for all the clouds, and some cerulean for the blue. I began by defining the shapes of the […]

Original Clouds with Leftover Black and White

I’ve taken many pictures of clouds since the weather turned rainy.  I love clouds. Today, I painted cloud shapes that I imagined (without copying  from a photo). I am still in start-up mode, so I am using left-over paints. Today’s paints are cerulean, black and white. I differentiated between cloud shapes by using dark outlines […]