Science Fiction Cloud

By the time I got outside to snap a photo of this cloud, it changed from its original representation of a nerve synapse. The gap between the two aerial nerves collapsed to yield the elongated shape with corrugations in its midsection. It became an amorphous space ship looking for a place to land.  

Between the Lines

I keep my eye open for interesting manhole covers, street signs, unusual painted lines in parking lots, but one of my original ‘go-to’ subjects is clouds. Many times, cloud formations are the most compelling, but once in a while a single cloud can hold its own.

Dream Skyline

I love photographs depicting the tops of bridges or very tall buildings, when the rest of the edifice is obscured by clouds. Since I am not inclined to take my camera to great heights or wait for clouds to enshroud a favorite bridge or building, I painted my own misty environment and used sepia ink […]