The loquat tree in the back yard is just drooping with fruit. As soon as they are ripe, the squirrels will descend like locusts and the loquats will be gone. I worry about the branches, which are already strained with weight. Adding the weight of a couple of squirrels could be disastrous. The timing will be tricky […]

After Klee’s “Little Tree and Shrubbery”

I was thumbing through a book of Paul Klee’s work and came across Little Tree Amid Shrubbery. At first it just looked like patches of color.  When I looked at this piece from a distance, the bushes in the foreground came into clear focus. They were three dimensional. I still didn’t get the sky though. […]

Gnarly Tree Assignment

My daughter Bethany has an idea for a book. She asked if I would like to illustrate it for her. I was delighted to accept the assignment.  The first photos arrived shortly after I agreed. There is a wonderfully sinewy, slightly shaggy-barked tree in front of her house. She sent me several snaps of it […]