Sunset Through Unwashed Window

I began this experiment with a blue stroke near the top of the paper. I laid another one down and  merged it with purple. I made sure that the brush was fully loaded so that I could get some drips. (I like to do that now and then.)  I put a red quarter-circle in the […]

Cloudy Sunset

I love sunsets and clouds. I paint sunsets fairly well, but clouds present a problem.  Today, the sky was changeable. There were clouds of all kinds. Dark clouds provided a background for diaphanous white/yellow wisps. There were high altitude clouds looking down on their more photogenic cousins. I took a photograph of a portion of the […]

Taking a Chance

Today’s watercolor experiment: Directly after my warmup exercise (see Copying post) I decided to go out on a limb and try a large painting of the essence of the J.M.W. Turner composition (A Sunset Sky). I was less than successful in the small drawing that constituted the last stage of my warmup. I was very […]

Turner Sunset

Today’s watercolor experiment: I warmed up today with a warm and cool color juxtaposition exercise. Hopefully this prepared me fore a Turneresque study of a sunset. The instructions in my Tate Watercolor Manual * said to lay down a cobalt blue sea and a yellow ocher sky, “strengthening” the warm yellow with cadmium red light […]