Sib Interview – One Year Followup

Last year, I interviewed my granddaughter, Sidra, just before her brother Will was born. Tomorrow (4-17-14) will be Will’s first birthday. I asked Sidra to chat with me again about her first year as a big sister. (See also Interview at 6 months.) Sidra (9 years old): Year one: I was so excited because I […]

Being Prepared

I was in the Boy Scouts once. One point in their credo is: ‘be prepared’. I’ll go along with that, even though I only made it to the rank of Tenderfoot. The kids are here from Chicago and LA. The house looks like a hurricane hit it, but we are having fun. We visited Stanford […]


First things first. As I mentioned yesterday, the kids have arrived. The Chicago and LA contingents converged to celebrate William’s first birthday. We’re having a great time. William is wandering all over the place, touching everything. He is curious about everything. Sidra and I had a little drawing session – we postponed the rock-painting session […]

The Simple Life

A week ago I was just getting back from seeing my families. In my original family, my place is that of a son and a brother; in my family of choice, I am a husband, stepfather and grandfather. My granddaughter calls me Zaydie out of respect for my Jewish heritage. It was her parents’ idea. […]

Looking Back

I’m home from our trip to see the grandkids. The visit airlifted me directly into the arms of a fully-formed family. It was a good feeling, but I felt a hole. I did not come by grandfatherhood honestly. It so happens I skipped the entire fatherhood thing. No changing diapers, no yelling at the kids, […]

Getting Ready

One of the whole points of being in Chicago at this time of year is to experience Halloween with the grandkids. My other daughter will also be here with her boyfriend, so it will be a great reunion. William has a skeleton T-shirt, and another outfit that resembles Frankenstein, in a way. But frankly (pardon […]

Wrinkle in Time

Perfection It was the picture perfect family event. Grandparents visiting, doting over the baby they hadn’t seen in over five months. Grandpa had a special name, distinguishing him from the other two grandfathers. His first wife had a child from a first marriage and never ever wanted to go through that experience again. There must […]

Bitten Cheek

What do spinning, roller coasters, New York City, the Golden Gate Bridge, stolen building stones, helicopters and trains under water, a broken lock to a construction site, an elevated train that ran out of track flew through the air landing on a person in the East River and a bitten cheek have in common? Answer: […]

Traveling Day

Chicago Although I’m not traveling as I write this – I write all my posts the day before and post them at midnight – I am looking forward to our visit to the grandchildren. We’re flying out today (10-16-13). I hope that Sidra will have time to update me about her six months as a […]