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Although I’m not traveling as I write this – I write all my posts the day before and post them at midnight – I am looking forward to our visit to the grandchildren. We’re flying out today (10-16-13). I hope that Sidra will have time to update me about her six months as a sister, and maybe I’ll have a conversation with William. They can talk at 6 months, right? I’m new at this kid thing, so I really don’t know. He probably doesn’t remember me from six months ago. Then again, he didn’t have his eyes open for any length of time back then, so it’s understandable.

I hope that my posts in the coming weeks can be more in the moment, than reflections about my own growing up. I think it will be nice living in the present rather than rehashing past moments and philosophizing about what it all meant – not that there is anything wrong with that. But it will be nice adding some new experiences, getting more insights from Sidra (she’s at the top of her class, by the way), and getting to know her more as she develops her personhood.

New Jersey

One of the highlights of my trip will be my excursion to New Jersey to visit my mother. She, my younger brother and I will all be going to visit Mike! Mike is my older brother, autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. I am taking my 35mm film camera that I haven’t used in ages. I have a back-up camera and of course, my phone, but that is a last resort. I am nervous about camera/photographer failure, which I won’t know about until I get the film developed.

In addition to not knowing how he is doing, I am not sure how well he has aged. When I saw him last, more than 5 years ago, he had a full head of hair, not a gray one on his head. He is turning 64 this year. I have a feeling that he may have a little more trouble getting around than before, since he has a cataract that they have not removed (I don’t know why).

I am apprehensive, about seeing him and capturing his image again, as I used to do.  I really think that my intensive review of my photographs of Mike in the past 10 months have better attuned me to him, so I’m looking forward to being in the moment with him too. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this impending visit as the time approaches.

Meanwhile here is a family portrait from years ago. Dad isn’t alive any more, but the rest of us are pretty much intact.

Little bro, Mike Dad Jack, Mom: family portrait

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