Sib Interview – One Year Followup

Last year, I interviewed my granddaughter, Sidra, just before her brother Will was born. Tomorrow (4-17-14) will be Will’s first birthday. I asked Sidra to chat with me again about her first year as a big sister. (See also Interview at 6 months.)

Sidra (9 years old):

Year one: I was so excited because I didn’t know what it would be like a year in the future. but now it is a year in the future. William went from teething to crawling, to walking to giggling. He has grown so much. I have to treasure these moments because it will not last for ever.

I want to make him into the best brother ever.

My brother is the most important thing in the world to me. Will is more like me than my parents are because we have the same DNA. My parents are the most important thing to me too.

I can’t wait for tomorrow because he will be one-year-old. He will be a great kid and toddler. I don’t want him to do anything that he will regret, so I wont let him do anything wrong. I trust him in anything because I know that he’s learning to do things earlier than expected. Eventually he will be talking, even though he already said his first words. He will eventually talk normally He is the most amazing brother ever.

Now ask some questions

Jack: You mentioned that you wont let William do anything wrong. I wonder if kids need to make mistakes so they can learn from them. Tell me what you think about that.

Sidra: Well I do not want him to do anything wrong that he cannot learn from and will regret. If  you see if he knows he thinks that he makes a mistake and it haunts him for the rest of his life, but if he knows that I know that he will be an amazing child then I guess he’ll be fine.

Jack: let’s take a look at what you said a year ago and I’m interested in your comments about what you said that.

Sidra: I do have to admit it is hard to take care of him now that he knows how to wiggle and move. Especially when I am changing his diaper and, as soon as I take it off and he gets up and starts running around before I even wiped him and I do not want to get dirty because it will be gross.

Jack: So, you just brought William here. How do you feel when you look at him

Sidra: I feel a surge of happiness that I never felt before

Jack: Last year you said you wanted a companion who could entertain you and whom you could entertain. How did that work out?

Sidra: Pretty good. I have a little companion. He only laughs at me, not when adults do the same thing and he stares at me for hours.

Jack: As you mentioned, you are one of the only people who can make Will laugh. Why do you think that is?

Sidra: Because he loves me so much. Something ticks in his brain. He thinks, “I like this person.” And now that he has hair, I can brush it.

Jack: Last year I asked how you felt about sharing Mom and Dad with Will. How has that worked out?

Sidra: Actually, pretty good. They give me attention and him attention. Fair and square.

Jack: What sacrifices have you made for Will?

Sidra: A lot of my free time I give to Will.

Jack: Thank you Sidra. I appreciate that you took time to give me an interview.

Sidra: Thank you Zayde

Grandchildren on the bed

Sidra teaching Will to Take a Line for a Walk


8 thoughts on “Sib Interview – One Year Followup

  1. The first two interviews are excellent in context, too. This is a very balanced view toward life. Encouraging. What gave you the idea to conduct these miniature Terman-Binet interviews? THGg


    • I don’t know what a Terman-Binet interview is, so I’m sure my motivation wasn’t to do whatever those interviews are supposed to do.

      My main purpose in conducting the initial interview was to see how Sidra, the soon-to-be older sibling would react to a younger sibling. This would give me (and her parents) a good idea of her expectations and a way to reinforce her ideas that were reasonable and chat with her more if some of her expectations were not as reasonable. Her parents did a pretty good job of setting her state of mind in a way that enabled a healthy relationship with her little brother. I intend to reinterview her at least every year – hopefully, every 6 months, to see how things are going.


      • The work of these gentlemen formed the basis, at Stanford turn of last Century, to establish the first IQ tests. They interviewed 100 gifted students, like S. Like the whacky consumer price index, this formed the statistical basis of the first IQ tests. One of the Terman Binet students was a mentor of mine. In mathematics and languages and Eastern studies.

        It is a tenderly moving interview. You are courageous to share. It is a gift of renewal to many of us over the holidays. Very generous of you and your family. Thank you. — THGg


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