William’s Rendition of the Halloween Mantle

We spent Halloween with the kids and grandkids. William asked if he could draw  in my new sketch book. I told him that I wanted something good. He went off and later, came back with the sketch you see below. He had decided to draw the mantle that his mom decorated.* *My own rendition was the […]

Halloween Mantle

This is the first entry in my new notebook. I continue my color experimenting, this time, with pencil.  The holiday dictates a limited palette of mainly orange and black. Hopefully the rest of the book will prove educational (to me) and compelling (to you, the viewer).


Today’s post is for Halloween. I couldn’t imagine anything else from my initial brush strokes. I don’t remember ever drawing like this, but as I am reading Psychoanalytic Explorations in Art by Ernst Kris, I suppose my memories have been repressed by some ego, id, or sublimation process (whatever that means).  I must have another […]


We’re here in Burbank for a few days. I’m not in my normal painting environment, so it is as good a time as any to break out of my painting routine.  In my fog, I expressed the need for ideas to my wife and kids. They immediately supplied me with suggestions. Today’s watercolor experiment: I […]


As I mentioned yesterday, I write my posts the day before and schedule them for the following day.  It is Halloween as I write this. We are in Burbank visiting the grandkids. William still remembers me. There is a spark of recognition as I sing, What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor, the sea chanty […]


[Note: I have found it necessary_to use an inordinate amount of underscores within my text due to some program which inserts unwanted_hyperlinks. I am very sorry for any inconvenience. If I missed one, apologies. each time I edit, another set of words is chosen to be hyperlinked. I’d welcome a solution to anyone who has […]

Getting Ready

One of the whole points of being in Chicago at this time of year is to experience Halloween with the grandkids. My other daughter will also be here with her boyfriend, so it will be a great reunion. William has a skeleton T-shirt, and another outfit that resembles Frankenstein, in a way. But frankly (pardon […]