Can’t Forget the Past

I came across some unfinished drawings made by my granddaughter, in scouring my stash for paper. I began my folding process and used some watercolor crayons to mark the creases. I didn’t have much of an idea about how to treat the original sketch, so I filled in the boxes, made by the intersecting lines, […]

Wrinkle in Time

Perfection It was the picture perfect family event. Grandparents visiting, doting over the baby they hadn’t seen in over five months. Grandpa had a special name, distinguishing him from the other two grandfathers. His first wife had a child from a first marriage and never ever wanted to go through that experience again. There must […]

Mining Disaster

Shortly after I started blogging, I wondered how faithful my memory was to actual events of my past. Not that it matters. I am practically the only one left who still remembers anything about those times, so there is no one to contradict me. It was important to me just the same. I lamented that […]

The Past is Nothing New

My Dad was a theoretical physicist, and was always open to answering any questions that I had. I owe my father a great debt of gratitude for his voracious appetite for life. Some of that rubbed off. I am reminded of him because I just found something interesting in one of my journals from 1993. […]

Family Dynamics – Later in Life

You heard from my mother a couple of days ago, and my father, yesterday, about what it was like having a very low functioning, autistic and nonverbal son, plus two other children. I described a bit of what it was like growing up in that environment (Disguise, The Doctor, Vacation, Patience). What happens years later? […]

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