My father was known (among other things) for his puns, shaggy dog stories and jokes (an arguable characterization). One of his stories is apropos of today’s situation. It so happens that there was a witch named Enza, who was forever trying to get into one particular house. The resident was fastidious about sealing the home, […]

Travel Prep

We’re getting ready to travel across the country. I am anxious. The adage, “getting there is half the fun,” used to hold true for me. Not any more. Is it the crowded airports? The waiting time? Taking all the various and sundry items out of each and every pocket of my cargo pants, vest, and jacket? […]

More Anticipation

My upcoming visit to see my mother and my two brothers is on my mind these days. My visit to New Jersey is coming up in less than a week. I’ll be staying with Mom, and we’ll visit little bro in northern Jersey. All of us will drive out to see my older brother in […]

Traveling Day

Chicago Although I’m not traveling as I write this – I write all my posts the day before and post them at midnight – I am looking forward to our visit to the grandchildren. We’re flying out today (10-16-13). I hope that Sidra will have time to update me about her six months as a […]