Getting Ready

One of the whole points of being in Chicago at this time of year is to experience Halloween with the grandkids. My other daughter will also be here with her boyfriend, so it will be a great reunion. William has a skeleton T-shirt, and another outfit that resembles Frankenstein, in a way. But frankly (pardon […]

I Was Right!

I’m here outside Chicago with my grandchildren finishing up my 2nd full day. By the time you read this, however it will be the next day, so ‘yesterday’ below really means ‘two days ago’. Sorry for the confusion… Yesterday I mentioned William’s multimodal way of taking in information: his eyes staring at things I could […]

Bitten Cheek

What do spinning, roller coasters, New York City, the Golden Gate Bridge, stolen building stones, helicopters and trains under water, a broken lock to a construction site, an elevated train that ran out of track flew through the air landing on a person in the East River and a bitten cheek have in common? Answer: […]

Grandkid Day 1

I had so much fun since we arrived. Sidra is such a doll. She could hardly wait to do a stop-motion video with me. I was the cameraman and she was the director. Rebecca, her American Girl doll was the star. All it took was 150 snapshots, rudimentary editing and we had the whole of Rebecca’s […]

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