Getting Ready

One of the whole points of being in Chicago at this time of year is to experience Halloween with the grandkids. My other daughter will also be here with her boyfriend, so it will be a great reunion.

William has a skeleton T-shirt, and another outfit that resembles Frankenstein, in a way. But frankly (pardon the pun), Frankenstein and William have NOTHING in common, so it is a hard sell to even pretend.

However, the outfit he had on yesterday is more like it, but probably a bit old for him. It is a devil suit. He is far away from being a devil, even metaphorically.

William and Mom

I may have mentioned that William stares at everything. I can hardly wait to see his reaction to the Halloween goings on. I gave him a preview, walking him around the decorated apartment, pointing out the ‘scary’ decorations. He was unfazed, and just wanted to touch everything. Even Peek-a-BOO doesn’t do much for him at this point. I only saw him startled one time. Before we got here, William’s mom and dad sent us a video in which his dad scared him with a “boo”. His mouth immediately lost its smile for a second, then he got the joke… and the hiccups. He’s a continually happy kid.

But he is a horror, if you are a Halloween card:

William eating a Halloween card

So, no philosophical or earth-shattering insights today. Just a doting grandfather, reporting in.

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