Blotscape Followup

Today’s watercolor experiment: The past few lessons in the Tate Watercolor Manual* through which I am working, have been about brushstrokes. I’ve experimented with different kinds of brushes and using them in different ways to make interesting marks. To concentrate on brushstrokes only, I used a single color in my recent experiments. Today I wanted to see […]

Yet Another Leaf

Today’s experiment I found a photograph of an interesting leaf arrangement located next to the red leaf I painted last week. Just like the fuchsia I painted a couple of days ago, the leaves below are primarily one color, in this case, light green. There are subtle reflections and slight differences in colors, but for […]

Being Prepared

I was in the Boy Scouts once. One point in their credo is: ‘be prepared’. I’ll go along with that, even though I only made it to the rank of Tenderfoot. The kids are here from Chicago and LA. The house looks like a hurricane hit it, but we are having fun. We visited Stanford […]