New Growth

It was a bit rainy yesterday, so I was thrilled to see the sunlight on the porch this morning. In addition to visiting my pink flower, I took a look at Arthur, my pet avocado sapling. Those of you who follow my blog probably know the saga of Arthur. It was touch and go for […]

Addition to Simple Flower

Yesterday’s experiment was to paint a simple pink flower. When I took the picture, I noticed that the leaf was equally as stunning in its almost black-and-white coloration. Today’s experiment I decided that I would like to add that leaf to the pink flower. Here is the photo of the entire leaf: But a second photo shows the […]

Another Fish Story… I mean Study

Thoughts about abstraction Yesterday I painted a study of hands that were doing a specific job: taking a fish and preparing it to be eaten. I’ve been thinking of how I would go about abstracting the image of these working hands. Working from my image, I could try to convey some of the following ideas: preparing […]