Sketch Book Series: Library (January 2010)

I remember the day I went to the library. I didn’t go to make this sketch, but at the time, I was trying to maintain my goal of making at least one sketch a day. I like this sketch because it reminds me of that day. However, this sketch doesn’t portray much of a sense […]

The Italian Lesson

My study of drawing with colored pencils has revealed one fact that has upset my learning curve: the best paper to use is that which has texture (known by the term “tooth”). The journal that I have committed to use is a Moleskin sketchbook, which uses perfectly smooth paper.  This substrate is ideally suited to […]

Man with Feathered Fedora and Camo Jacket

Having spent the better part of this year sketching with pencil, I have some observations about the different techniques needed for pen and ink sketching. With pencil, one can approximate an outline with spurious strokes. They can be blended. I found myself approximating my pen stroke in the air above the paper before committing the […]

Man with Purple Pants and Blue Socks

This fellow had an interesting outfit, especially given my new focus of color. His many-seamed jacket was a tan-ish color, pants were purple, socks blue and golden brown shoes with white soles. I made very small notations (with my ink pen) in areas where the colors were to go, since I would be coloring later. […]

Woman and Dog

This pen and ink sketch was a little more controlled than yesterday’s. I’m working on making even colored pencil strokes as filler to the shapes that make up the figures. I applied more pressure for the areas in shadow. Mixing of colors is on the menu for upcoming sketches.

Woman Resting with Poorly Rendered Arms

I haven’t used pen and ink for quite a while. The face, where my errant pen wiggles blended together, was quite pleasing, unlike the effect of the mass of scribbles that made up the arms . I did not render the proportions of the arms correctly at first and they were not redeemable. I was […]

Halloween Mantle

This is the first entry in my new notebook. I continue my color experimenting, this time, with pencil.  The holiday dictates a limited palette of mainly orange and black. Hopefully the rest of the book will prove educational (to me) and compelling (to you, the viewer).