The Italian Lesson

My study of drawing with colored pencils has revealed one fact that has upset my learning curve: the best paper to use is that which has texture (known by the term “tooth”). The journal that I have committed to use is a Moleskin sketchbook, which uses perfectly smooth paper.  This substrate is ideally suited to […]

Man with Feathered Fedora and Camo Jacket

Having spent the better part of this year sketching with pencil, I have some observations about the different techniques needed for pen and ink sketching. With pencil, one can approximate an outline with spurious strokes. They can be blended. I found myself approximating my pen stroke in the air above the paper before committing the […]

Man with Purple Pants and Blue Socks

This fellow had an interesting outfit, especially given my new focus of color. His many-seamed jacket was a tan-ish color, pants were purple, socks blue and golden brown shoes with white soles. I made very small notations (with my ink pen) in areas where the colors were to go, since I would be coloring later. […]

Woman and Dog

This pen and ink sketch was a little more controlled than yesterday’s. I’m working on making even colored pencil strokes as filler to the shapes that make up the figures. I applied more pressure for the areas in shadow. Mixing of colors is on the menu for upcoming sketches.

Woman Resting with Poorly Rendered Arms

I haven’t used pen and ink for quite a while. The face, where my errant pen wiggles blended together, was quite pleasing, unlike the effect of the mass of scribbles that made up the arms . I did not render the proportions of the arms correctly at first and they were not redeemable. I was […]

Halloween Mantle

This is the first entry in my new notebook. I continue my color experimenting, this time, with pencil.  The holiday dictates a limited palette of mainly orange and black. Hopefully the rest of the book will prove educational (to me) and compelling (to you, the viewer).

Thirsty Fig Tree

It’s been pretty dry out here in California. The fig tree in the back yard seems to be wilting. It has been doing so all summer. Usually, the onset of autumn begins one or two yellow leaf among the lush green leaves. Today the fig tree looked like yesterday’s limp salad. I began this study […]

The Clock Doc

There is one thing of which you can be certain: If you are looking for one esoteric shop in New York City, you can find at least a dozen of them. At least that was the case during most of the 20 years I lived there. Things gradually changed. For example, I used to have […]