Memories of Michael: Mike Comes to See My Show (1995)

I made arrangements with Mike’s group home for a special visit to my show, Brotherly Love. Below is a frame grab from a video of that event. I am in front of a picture of Mike’s house mates. Michael is standing next to me.

Memories of Michael: Mike “Listening” to Dad Playing the Violin (1992)

It would be nice to think that Mike was listening to Dad playing the violin. Dad loved music, and he loved his son Mike. Mike had a library of gestures that he made. We could correlate some of them with his moods. I’m pretty sure the one in this picture wasn’t related to the music […]

Memories of Michael: Mike Takes a Shower (1992)

I took a photography course with a well-known photojournalist, back in the 1990s. My assignment was to spend 24 hours with my brother Mike. It was well out of my comfort zone, but I did my best. The staff at the group home would not let me stay the whole time, but I was there […]