Memories of Michael: Dad and Mike at Willowbrook Park (~1962)

Willowbrook Park was outside the grounds of Willowbrook, the institution. I remember the crunchy gravel, Mom called it ‘coke’, and the seagulls and pigeons. It was a desolate place. Most of the visitors were families of Willowbrook residents.

Memories of Michael: Mike on a Seesaw (mid 1960s)

There was a park just outside the grounds of Willowbrook. We took Mike there a lot when we would visit. I remember once, when we seesawed together he got off at the bottom. I would still ride with him, but I was wary of his every move.

Memories of Michael: Mike on a Swing Set (~1960)

The swing set in the back yard had a glider, that’s the best way to describe it. There were two seats, and the riders would sit facing each other, feet on foot rests. Pushing and pulling, in cooperation, would start the ride. Mike never got it. This is Mike standing on that contraption.

Memories of Michael: Early Memories – Exhausted Mom (1960)

I guess Dad took this picture. I am the one on the right, Dave, my little brother is on Mom’s right, and Mike is to the far left, in the photo. Not sure why Dad only got half of him. Mom looks utterly exhausted. I think I took the picture of the three pumpkins, with […]

Mike-Related Watercolor: Portrait of Young Mike – Frame 1 (1960s)

This watercolor portrait is removed from direct experience. It is distant in time by about 60 years. My parents took an 8mm movie of their children, Mike, Dave and me. Mike, my older brother is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Autism was not well known at that time, even though I’m sure there were many […]

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