End of the Scrapbook – Mike’s Toddler Days from ‘My Brother Michael’

This image may not make sense out of context.  This scrapbook, that covers some of Mike’s days as a toddler, ends abruptly with a photo corner just about to fall off the page.  This echoes the baby book that Mom and Dad started just after Mike was born.

Baby Michael, Alone from ‘My Brother Michael’

The scrapbook itself ends abruptly. Nothing after 1950.  I imagine that my mother and my father were just too busy taking care of Mike.  I ended this section with a snapshot from that era, of my big brother Mike by himself.  This is the essence of autism: alone-ness. It is so hard to understand. [Note: […]

My Brother Michael: Baby Book – March, April 1950

When I look at this album, particularly these pictures, I get the impression that Mike was struggling. There’s no one left to ask if this was true. From what I know, signs of autism don’t show up this early. On the other hand, the person who assembled the scrapbook may have been the one struggling. […]