Stencil Fun

I had to walk from the car after I parked to take photos of a newly stenciled sign at the entrance of a hospital parking lot. Orange, rubberized paint formed the spacing between the letters while the black asphalt  provided the letter shapes. The letters spanned the parking entryway, so it took several photos to […]

Put it Back

Why can’t people leave things the way they found them?  It seems to be common courtesy if nothing else. My photo today is a case in point. Whoever painted the lines for this parking space, by necessity, had to overlay the manhole cover. It appears that a workman required access to the space underneath said […]

Unfinished Abstract

Sadly, I was only able the finish the yellow insides of the abstract below before my midnight deadline.  The purple color outside was what I had planned. I used a photo editor as a way to get an idea about the finished piece. I hope to have a watercolor-y looking finished product by tomorrow.