Blind Drawing and Lapse in Concentration

In a blind drawing, one’s gaze follows the contour as the hand holding the pen attempts to limn those curves on paper. One must concentrate. The drawing below shows what happens when concentration fails. I drew the face of the left-most figure twice.

Pain and Concentration

My pain started again. This time it started gradually on my lower left side. I tried lying back and visualizing it. It seemed to be a yellow glow. I thought if I acknowledged its presence with my mind and breathed in and out calmly, it would abate. “Breathe in. Think of all the energy coming […]


I’m the kind of person who (tries to) concentrate on one thing at a time. Its not easy for me. I used to have all kinds of trouble. Sometimes when I would read stories, my eyes would drift off the page and I would continue a narrative, of my own making, in my head. When I […]