Bleeding to Know

Lately, I have been building my paintings by responding to previous paint strokes with new ones. Often I have no idea what I will paint, except for the colors I begin with. Today however, I had something to say. Usually, it is very interesting to encounter people who’s minds operate differently than one’s own. It can be very […]

Dream Portrait: In Fear

I had an odd dream sequence last night. It really wasn’t a sequence, though. The same theme played over and over in different guise each and every time I struggled to consciousness and slipped back under. I was disoriented in my dream state, but I knew if I pried my eyes open I would be able to tell where I was. […]


It is one thing to understand the term ‘confusion’ and another to confront it in real time. I’m not talking about being confused but rather observing someone who is confused. Many of you who read my blog know exactly what I am talking about. There was a time when I thought that the questions, “Do you […]


One thing about being in the hospital, even as a visitor: there is a better than even chance you will catch something while you are there. This happened to me after Joy had to stay overnight at hospital and I stayed there with her.  I spent most of the day today tending my runny nose, […]

Chicago Art

We made it in to Chicago again. I’ve always heard about the Chicago Art Institute, and finally got to go. We spent the whole day at there. It was delightful and reminded me of my younger days. I lived in New York City for quite a while and enjoyed “my” museums. I felt that some […]