Disturbed Sleep

When I was a kid someone told me, or I heard somewhere, that dreams arise from the subconscious.  So, I thought that if I thought about scary things I didn’t want to dream about, it would be in my consciousness and therefore I wouldn’t dream about them. Well now I know the origin of that line of thinking. In Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams, he reviews the scientific literature and states:

“Many authors who are convinced of the intimate connection between the dream content and the waking state are impressed by the fact that impressions which have intensely occupied the waking mind appear in the dream only after they have been to some extent pushed aside from the elaboration of waking thought.”

The Interpretation of Dreams by S. Freud Barnes and Noble Classics, 2005 NY, NY page 24

I’ve been having loads of dreams lately. During some of them I have vivid images and others have more physical characteristics. In some of my recent dream, I am trying to look at something in my dream but I can’t seem to raise my eyes up high enough to see what it is. Last night I tried opening my eyes with my fingers. When I did, I still couldn’t see anything. I do not know if I dreamt I pried my eyes open or if I did it in real life.

Watercolor: Abstract Expression - Trying to Wake Up

Disturbed Sleep
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

This kind of dream is very distressing.

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