Pre-Dream Image

Today I experimented with layers of color. I began with splotches of the primary colors on pre-wetted paper. After it dried I overlaid the same colors again. I repeated this several times until a central form developed. The final image could be the eye of a colorful storm or a very close up view of […]

Last Night’s Dream Image

I am grateful that I dream in vivid images.  It is difficult to transcribe the most simple images from my mind to paper. Since my dreams are immersive (that is, I feel that I am within a three-dimensional space), I must choose which part of my dream environment to portray. A photographer does the same […]


Now and then I have trouble getting started.  Usually I have a theme that I examine from every angle, one painting or drawing after another. These days, however, I am having trouble getting traction. Below is the image crept into my sleep, about my predicament.

Dream Images, Edited

I dream in vivid images. They are very detailed when I am dreaming them, less so after I awake. Last night’s dream was a situation. I had died, which was a bit uncomfortable, but alive in another body, still my own. I felt very alive, but aware that one day I would have to go […]

Another Dream Image

Dream: Today I was lucky enough to have a dream that ended with a pretty good visual image. The rest of the dream wasn’t visual at all. I was at some kind of conference where, as was my usual way at conferences, I stayed pretty much to myself. I did stop to talk with a couple of […]

Trees – Dream Image

I have a new subject for today and a break from portraits of my brother Mike. I was getting obsessed with portraying him and his essence. (See Mike Crying, Young Mike, In Transition, Final Transition, Double Mask, Stylized Portraits, Klee and Jawlensky-Influenced Portrait.) Today’s watercolor experiment: Today’s subject is an image from a dream I had last night. […]

Turbulent Hot and Cold

I tried another watercolor sketch inspired by Untamed Waters, the 1934 work by Paul Klee. The previous sketch from the Residual Ideas post is reproduced below. Unfortunately, I tried to find a link to Klee’s work, but I could not. Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with a sketch of a remnant of a dream I had last night. The […]

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