Long Necked Woman

The palette I used for this portrait is the same as yesterday’s.. I used complementary colors to represent the half of the face in light (red) and the half in shadow (green).  I know I need more ideas that using highly contrasting colors to represent light and shadow, to make progress in portraiture.

Orange Leaf on Complementary Background

There must be some creative cross-talk occurring in my brain.  I am getting back to painting, which requires one to think about manipulating color. Orange and blue are complementary colors, which probably alerted my watercolor brain to twitch my photographic shutter-clicking finger.

Spirals and Sharps

Red and green are opposites. They inhabit opposite sides of the page in the composition below. The jagged edge of the blue-tipped green area oppose the gentle curve of the red spiral. They are both bathed in a field of yellow. I like this design even though it contains opposites – probably due to the […]

Purple and Blue Interrupted

In my experiments, I’ve established that cobalt blue and the earth tone, quinacridone nickel mix very well to form an earthy green. Today I wanted to see how purple interacted. On the left side of the purple field, we see a nice transition to the cobalt blue which, in turn makes a transition to green […]

Negative Blond

I like the rendition of Dirty Blond I did for yesterday’s post. It seems to abstract the salient features of my own portrait captured from that 8mm film my dad took many years ago. Today I tried to replicate what I did yesterday, only with complimentary colors. My thinking was that the Dirty Blond image was […]

Crowd Source Art – Final

It was a long day. Just got back to the kid’s house after a grueling day of fun at Disneyland and more than an hour after I normally post. I thought I’d share my final artistic decisions regarding my crowd-sourced art project I began a couple of posts ago (Crowd-Sourced Art). I took many of your […]

Madness and Art

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was leafing through a couple of my books on cybernetics (1) and found an article entitled Communication Between the Sane and the Insane: Hypnosis in one book (2) (posting my review here) and a chapter entitled Problems of Deranged Minds, Artists and Psychiatrists in the other. (3)   […]

Green Red Plus

Itty bitty watercolor experiment: I was happy with my use of complements in my experiment posted earlier today. However, the composition was not that good. I painted another little sketch using the same green-red complements as in ‘Next Complement Please‘, however I added a bit more. For the road, I used the purple/yellow combination, and […]

Next Complement Please

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today is the day to test the final pair of complementary colors in a small watercolor painting. In ‘From a Magazine‘ I painted goldfish and rocks using orange and its complement, blue; ‘Purple Woods‘ was an experiment using purple and its complement, yellow to depict a woodland scene. I created a test strip […]

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