I added an bit extra to my initial doodle.  I forgot which end of the ‘S’ figure I started on, but I was conscious of repeating those movements I usually make when I begin and abstract composition: A wiggle of my hand (thumb and forefinger) as I move my arm. Slower motions give me an ‘S’ or a backward ‘S’. Faster movements give me a longer wavy line, not usually resolvable into individual letters or symbols.

Watercolor: Abstract - Purple and 'S' Shapes

‘S’ and a Half
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I loaded up the top of the ‘S’, ah yes, it was here that I began with the weak brew of vermilion. I added purple to the point of overflowing and let it drip  The ‘top’ now position resides on the left side of the paper.

I added upper and lower bracketing arches to contain the curved form. I merging colors together from here on. For instance, I liked the way that Hansa yellow reacted with the purple pigment. One can see this on the edges of the two areas of yellow on the inner curves and, in a more subtle application on the outer curve at the bottom center of the study.  I also like the way that Payne’s gray gradually soaked into the rest of the colors on the inner margins of the brackets.

Nothing else suggested itself for further development of this composition.

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