Doors to Delmonico’s

When I came across 23 Williams Street in Manhattan, I thought I was in a time warp. Was it the same Delmonico’s that Oscar Wilde raved about, pairing it with the Yosemite Valley as ‘two of the most remarkable bits of scenery in the States’?  Was it the same Delmonico’s that coaxed the home-bound detective Nero Wolfe from his West […]

Doors Live on

Below is a photo of one of the magnificent doorways to B. Altman on 34th Street in Manhattan, NY.  My mother used to go there when she went into ‘the city’. B. Altman is defunct but, at the time the photograph was taken (circa 1990), the doors opened into one of the new (at the time) […]

Another Upper West Side Door

I snapped the picture below during the same walk on New York’s Upper West Side that I took the photo of yesterday’s doors (see Sunrise Doors). Below are two sketches of this door. The one on the left side is a pen and ink drawing in which I attempted to replicate the gray values of the photograph. […]