OtherArtbyJack: Building the Guggenheim Museum Addition (1989)

 I painted this from my 1989 photo of the Guggenheim during the building of its addition, during a walk on Museum Mile in New York City. This is a 6×4″ print will be available (matted) on my soon-to-be-opened Etsy shop called OtherArtbyJack (tentative name).

Construction: Will’s Clock Tower

As promised, today’s post features my grandson Will’s construction of the Hillsdale Clock Tower, whose clock was stopped by a bolt of lightning at 10:04 PM, that stormy night in 1955. Below is a photo that details the bell, spire and clock face. Will fashioned the brass bell from the mortar part of an old […]

Lines into Action

Today, we were in the same neighborhood where I captured painted lines on the ground last month. Not the lines that indicate parking places but lines that seemed like directions of some sort. They were in code. Here is a shot of the people who know the code and are building/installing to the proper specifications.

Another Upper West Side Door

I snapped the picture below during the same walk on New York’s Upper West Side that I took the photo of yesterday’s doors (see Sunrise Doors). Below are two sketches of this door. The one on the left side is a pen and ink drawing in which I attempted to replicate the gray values of the photograph. […]

Stencil Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: Just around the corner from my favorite newsstand (now defunct) I came across an interesting scene behind Grand Central Station in New York City. I love the girders punctuated with rivets. I have been looking around for an old Erector Set™ to build my own, but these days, however everything is made […]

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