The Dancer

I began with thin applications of liquid latex masking fluid. Before I knew it, I had covered the entire sheet of watercolor paper with lines and beads of latex. After it dried, I divided the paper, coloring the top portion with Prussian blue  and the bottom with quinacridone burnt orange. I wanted to them to merge […]

Green Swirl No. 1

I painted a free form design in liquid latex to begin this study. After it dried, I surrounded its perimeter with Permanent Green #1. In the inner border, I used a combination of ultramarine blue and lemon yellow. The paints were very watery and the dried latex acted as a dam. One can see heavier concentrations of […]

Last of the Latex

Today’s watercolor experiment: Process: I used the last drip of liquid latex on today’s composition. After dripping, I shook, tilted and jarred the paper without regard to design. Next, I splattered the same pigments I used yesterday: opera rose, cobalt turquoise and lemon yellow. I wanted to see how the wet drops would combine. For the next […]

Dam It

Today’s watercolor experiment: Something I said in yesterday’s post struck a chord with myself (oddly enough) and I thought I would put it into practice today: “The rubber could act like dams of color, potentially yielding drips of paint to a different color field below.”  I refer to the latex watercolor resist that I have […]

Abstract 121714

Today’s watercolor experiment: Process: I used my liquid latex to make a pattern of drips and streaks. Unlike yesterday‘s use of this liquid watercolor resist, I did not have any idea of what result I wanted. Below is a picture of the fully dried latex. (Yesterday, I did not have the patience to allow for […]

Last Leaf

Before the torrential rains that stripped all the leaves from the trees in the back yard, I took a snap of the fig tree next door. Most of the leaves had already dropped off, but there were several left. Although the photograph doesn’t portray what I saw very well, I used it as a template for my watercolor […]


Yesterday’s post was a departure from my attempt to depict the essence of a poppy field. Today I return to Paul Klee‘s Notebook (Volume 2: The Nature of Nature) for direction in establishing rhythm in my watercolor sketches. Particles: In the past few posts, I have quoted quite a bit from Klee. To recap, Klee […]

Small Studies

Much to my surprise, I find myself drawn to the images I construct with latex rubber masking fluid. Even though I swore I would not use this technique again (Last Rubber Image), I can’t seem to help myself. They are a lot of fun to make. Blue to yellow The images below are rather small […]

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