Barrier #5 Completed

Thought process Usually I sketch an entire study onto the watercolor block before I paint. As you can see from yesterday’s post, I completed the first half before sketching anything on the other half of the paper. I was a little concerned about discontinuity, but since my barrier studies (Back to Abstract?, Variation, My Niche, […]

My Niche

First of all, I’d like to thank my good friend M, for the definition of the type of work I have been doing these past couple days (Back to Abstract?, Variation). Thank you M! You may see one of M’s (many) wonderful blogs at: Recent paintings The type of painting I have been producing recently […]

Abstract Expressionist Watercolors

I’m going to need some help here. Here’s the set up: The only kind of painting that I have done in recent memory is watercolor. I am a real neophyte at it. Concurrently, I am reading about Cézanne, who worked with great effort and emphasis on composing his paintings, eliminating details that did not speak […]