Graffiti Cat

Today’s watercolor experiment: I remember this photo I took in 1991. The canvas on which this graffiti cat was created was a scrappy, rotted wooden panel next to some metal steps. That must have been a day when I only had my camera loaded with black and white film. On my dedicated photography walks, I took […]

Another Experiment

Process thus far My experiment with latex masking fluid is nearing an end. Although dripping can be fun, there is too much time needed for drying for the work to be spontaneous. I made some progress through The Art of Cézanne by Albert Barnes and Violette de Mazia. It seems that every few pages I want to […]

Abstract Expressionist Watercolors

I’m going to need some help here. Here’s the set up: The only kind of painting that I have done in recent memory is watercolor. I am a real neophyte at it. Concurrently, I am reading about Cézanne, who worked with great effort and emphasis on composing his paintings, eliminating details that did not speak […]