Project: Preparations for My Etsy Shop (3)

I’ll be going to the printer tomorrow (as I write), with a sampling of my watercolors to be printed to sell on the Etsy Shop I plan to open in January. I am investigating the possibilities of printing various sizes (including a smaller, postcard-ish one – thanks for the suggestion, Kerfe). I’d will be checking out different papers available, to provide colors faithful to the original and sturdy prints. I hope the quality is high enough to merit sale – if not, there are more printers to check out.

Here is the sampling (all painted in 2017), which includes a couple of abstract portraits of my brother Mike, other abstracts (Kagamusha inspired by a film by Akira Kurosawa and Birds on a Wire), and a painting of the brushes on the desk in my studio.

[All original watercolors are 9×12″ (portrait orientation) 12×9″ (landscape orientation)]

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