Man Reading Magazine Waiting for Wife and Woman Across the Room

I sketched the man while he and his wife were waiting. I did not know who had an appointment until the lady got up and left when her name was called. The man remained in ‘couple mode’, his legs together, as if respecting the space of his now-absent wife. Across the room was another figure, […]

Face Practice with Mistakes

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been practicing to improve my sketching. Faces have always been difficult for me, so I draw them again and again. Below are some practice sketches, complete with mistakes. The 3/4 profile at the 11 O’Clock position did not work: it turned out to be a combination of a […]

Bold Portraits

I never seem to get it right on the first stroke. That’s why I use pencil and make my initial movements lightly.  I saw some simple line portraits the other day that were bold, direct contours of faces.  I tried that today during my 15 minute sketch time. I wonder if the bold lines in […]

Revisit of Walk with Mike

I was thinking about the walk that I went on years ago, with my parents and Mike, my older brother.  I took many photographs that day. In a couple of them it seems that I recorded a human connection. I cherish those instants in time, but I really wish I could have more of them […]

Happy Day

The kids came up to see us. It was a family function. We took photographs on the porch.  I normally don’t paint portraits of people I know, family members especially. Everybody’s a critic and frankly, I’m embarrassed at my dearth of skill in producing a passable likenesses.  However, art is about taking risks so below […]