One of Mike’s Portraits on My Etsy Shop

Here is a portrait of my brother Mike, the first of the 16 current listings listings in my newly-opened Etsy Shop: AutismInspiredArt. All of my watercolors were inspired my Michael, who was low-functioning, autistic and nonverbal. Much of the back story of my artwork can be seen on my blog: Most of the posts […]

Feedback Requested: Proposed Etsy Listings

Dear Readers, This is the first of several posts where I show some of the images that I am considering listing for sale on my soon-to-be opened Etsy Shop. For now, I will retain the originals and offer high-quality prints. I hope you will consider giving me some feedback about my selections. I value your […]

Mike-Related Watercolor: Mike and Me (2014)

The last time I saw Mike in person was on his birthday in 2013. He is never that far from my thoughts, however. He is a big influence on my personality and my artwork. This is one of Mike’s typical poses.

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