3 thoughts on “Beginning of an Iconography?

  1. Hi Jack – nice to see you referencing my comments about children’s artwork 🙂 I wonder if the same idea (of an over-executive function as we get older interfering with our creativity) can be applied to writing? I get my students to do ‘automatic writing’ sometimes, not taking their hand off the page or letting their ‘editing’ head interfere with the ideas. I sometimes wonder if for young children it is their undeveloped executive brain that allows them such creativity and abandon…

    • Hi Liz,
      Yes, executive function can certainly be overcome in writing. Have you ever been to a poetry slam? I tell you, I have rarely been so emotionally overcome – in public – by the feelings expressed verbally by the poets at the one slam I went to, and the poets were high school students, mainly. Words don’t have to have meanings in themselves. They can be sounds, or words put together unconventionally that make one think. I am not too good at reading poetry myself, but as performance art? It can be very, very powerful!
      Thanks for the thoughts.

      • Hi Jack – just seen this… that’s an interesting observation. I’m never sure how planned performance poetry is. I can’t get along with it myself – I am at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of my own work, with poetry for the page rather than off the page, laboured over and polished and fussed about. But I’ve been to a lot of live events over the years and they have ranged from those where poets read their writing out to pieces where something more in-the-moment is happening without that interfering editorial voice. With my own Education students I run some sessions on writing and I encourage them to get free of that editing voice over-controlling them, at least initially. One of my students has just asked me whether he can rap his assignment for me as a result 🙂

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