Available Now! Meditation Series: Storefronts NYC

At last, one my Meditation Series (aka Theme and Variations): Storefront, Graffiti and Neon Sign NYC (1991), is now available at my Etsy store (etsy.com/shop/OtherArtByJack). These are fine art prints, unmatted and unframed. All eight are available on one 16×20″ heavy textured, archival watercolor paper; each print (6×4″) is available individually. If original printing is […]

AutismInspiredArt – Etsy: Kagamusha Shadow Warrior Watercolor Print (2017)

Kagamusha, Shadow Warrior is a film by Akira Kurosawa. I think of siblings of autistic individuals (like me) as shadow warriors. Typically, the autism family dynamic is centered on the autistic family member. It is difficult for everyone but the sibling carries a heavy burden. My Etsy Shop is called AutismInspiredArt, where Kagamusha is available […]

One of Mike’s Portraits on My Etsy Shop

Here is a portrait of my brother Mike, the first of the 16 current listings listings in my newly-opened Etsy Shop: AutismInspiredArt. All of my watercolors were inspired my Michael, who was low-functioning, autistic and nonverbal. Much of the back story of my artwork can be seen on my blog: davisbrotherlylove.com. Most of the posts […]

Project: Preparations for My Etsy Shop (3)

I’ll be going to the printer tomorrow (as I write), with a sampling of my watercolors to be printed to sell on the Etsy Shop I plan to open in January. I am investigating the possibilities of printing various sizes (including a smaller, postcard-ish one – thanks for the suggestion, Kerfe). I’d will be checking […]