Yellow on Black

This began as a tone study in blue. I used several different blue tones. I gradually mixed in black to get the darker tones. However I used Peach Black (Holbein) and, looking at the study from a distance, the matt finish appeared as a black stain. I tried mixing in more blue but ultimately I […]

Lesson 9 – Tone Study

Today’s warmup exercise: I’m finally getting to learn the technique of at least one Master watercolorist from my book, the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend.  The Master is Claude Lorrain, who lived in the 17th century. The example shown in the book is The Tiber from Monte Mario c.1640, which suggests rather […]

Tonal Study – River

Today’s watercolor experiment: My experiment for today is a rendition of The Tiber from Monte Mario c.1640, a tonal watercolor sketch by Claude Lorrain.  I used the techniques from today’s warmup exercise to give the impression of faint, distant mountains, middle-toned trees and their reflections lining the riverbank and darker trees in the foreground. According to art historian, […]

Tone Study

I have been scanning many of my photographs for storage in my computer. It will be an enormous undertaking. For example, I started today and have reached the middle of March, 1989, having begun with January 1989. This is just before the beginning of my study of photography, which began in earnest on my brother Mike’s […]