Sketch Book Series: Shading Practice (September 2010)

Painters sometimes paint black and white tonal studies. They make a strip starting with black paint, adding white until they achieve a smooth gradient from the blackest black to the whitest white. I did the same below with pen and ink, making a gradient of dense to sparse ink marks. This tonal gradient is a […]

Landscape Sketch, With and Without Water

Nice walk to the lake today. Half hour to the lake, half hour to sketch and half hour back. That was the plan.  I brought different pencils with me: a very soft 8B, a soft 4B, another soft 2B and a harder HB. After 30 minutes sitting on a bench, I finished the sketch you […]

View of Break Room

I used water soluble pencils for today’s sketch. Instead of smudging the pencil marks, I brushed water onto the paper to get different shades of gray. Like the sketch in the post from the other day, I obtained a range of tonal values. The filing cabinet (in the lower right portion of the frame) is […]

Line Design

Some parking lots have double lines that delimit parking spaces. This gives a properly-parked driver comfort that his (or her) door will not be bashed by another parker who pays attention to lines. The white line with the hairpin turn in the photo below, lies on two different substrates: asphalt and concrete.  The composition is […]

Curb with Old Paint

I saw an interesting curb on the way back home. I like the texture of the old paint. It looks like a thick coat. The bricks compliments the color of the paint; their textures contrast. The shadow provides a rich dark tone thereby setting up a full range of tonal values.  

Transparent Iron

I began today’s watercolor by stomping my 1″ hake brush all around my dry watercolor paper. But first I loaded it with transparent red iron, an earth tone. I liked the splashes, but some of their traces did not survive the subsequent steps in my design. After the blots dried, I glazed some areas with Prussian blue, a […]