Time Continuum

The watercolor in today’s post is itself part of a continuum. It is based on yesterday’s post of my brother Mike’s changing expressions, which in turn was a compilation of posts from previous days (Dark-Eyed Mike #1, Frame #2, Frame #3). Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. As such, I have never been able to communicate […]

Three Frames

The triple portrait below depicts three frames of an 8mm film my father took of my brother Mike. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. He is a mystery. I rendered each frame individually in previous posts:  Dark-Eyed Mike #1, Frame #2, Frame #3. The three portraits are also slices of time, the first moment represented […]

Reading a Contact Sheet

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had a couple of ideas in mind for today’s composition. First, I had been thinking about revisiting the idea of how one looks at an old fashioned contact sheet. I brought this up in a previous post (Re-Inspection of Time). For clarity, here’s my example of a contact sheet from that post: Note […]

Time Plane

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m trying to stay within the bounds of the chosen topic of my latest series related to the portrayal of time. Summarizing my progress thus far: I developed a special graphic to represent my version of a time line; I assigned colors on the yellow end of the spectrum to represent the […]

Every 15 Minutes

Today’s experiment: I continue today with my series about time. Early in the series I wrote a experimented with the past (My Analog Past, Memory of Teaching Dave to Ride) developing graphics to portray time (Re-Inspection of Time) and abstract riffs using these visual ideas (Time Tiger, Untitled Time Piece). My thoughts today centered on how the perception […]

Untitled – Process

Today’s experiment: I felt I needed some direction lately so I dipped my toe once again into some of Paul Klee’s writings. One principle that I was happy to recall was his idea that process is more important than form. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but it helped me with today’s composition. My process today: […]

The Time is Always Now

River of Time I heard a very interesting metaphor about how some cultures, probably far eastern, see the passage of time. It goes something like this: A person is sitting on a bridge over a river. The water is flowing away from him. Little paper boats come from under the bridge and float away. Those […]

Inky Past/Present Linkage

Today’s experiment: I worked with ink today. I am pursuing the same theme I began a few days ago: the portrayal of the past in visual terms. Although relativistic physics tells us that time and space are intimately connected (i.e., spacetime), it is impossible to capture the flow of time on a canvas without the […]

Re-Inspection of Time

Contact Sheets Most of my experience with photography hails from the days of film. Back then, the only way to inspect the time sequence of photos at a glance, was to look at a contact sheet. A contact sheet is a single sheet of paper that contains all the images from a roll of film. This is quite […]


Today’s experiment: I had such fun with yesterday’s trip down memory lane (also known as Lexington  Avenue in Manhattan), that I looked for a photograph I took inside the Sutton Clock Shop.  I found one: If I could have a wall of clocks of my own, it would look something like this. I would probably […]

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