Every 15 Minutes

Today’s experiment:

I continue today with my series about time. Early in the series I wrote a experimented with the past (My Analog PastMemory of Teaching Dave to Ride) developing graphics to portray time (Re-Inspection of Time) and abstract riffs using these visual ideas (Time Tiger, Untitled Time Piece).

My thoughts today centered on how the perception of time changes as one ages. A year in the life of a two-year-old is equivalent (proportionally speaking) to a 20-year span of a 40 year old. (Of course development of a child’s brain is not at a point which enables him or her to perceive time in the same manner as an adult.)

I heard this quotation, apparently attributed to the mother of Kitty Carlisle, American singer, actress, National Medal of Arts recipient, member of the American Theater Hall of Fame: “When you pass 50, every 15 minutes it’s breakfast.”

Today I used my yellow time line, whose amplitude I diminished across the page. The frequency of the wavy line is more or less constant. I pasted cut-outs of the word ‘breakfast’ in different type faces and sizes directly onto my watercolored timeline. The crowding of the words at the diminished end of the line is a visualization of the bon mot cited above.

Watercolor Collage: Abstract Timeline and Cutout Words

Every 15 Minutes (Watercolor/Collage)
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Also, when one gets older, one doesn’t really care where one rests the coffee cup.

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